Elfeland 250W / 40V


Product name: Solar panels
Color: Black
Size: Approx. 1570X785x2mm/61.8″x30.9″x0.078″
Voltage: 40V
Power: 250W
Isc: 6.8A
Junction Box: IP67 Reted
Operating Temperature: -40℃+85℃
Length of cable: Approx. 1.5m/59″




  • 100% new and high quality.
  • Light weight, easy to carry.High conversion rate, high output.High stability, good durability
  • Resistance to resistance, can resist different environment, waterproof performance is good.
  • All cell positive and back electrodes are made of high quality silver paste with high weld strength and low series resistance.
  • The use of advanced PE coating technology, the battery surface coated with dark blue anti-reflective film uniform, beautiful color.
  • Components can withstand snow pressure up to 5400Pa, to withstand wind pressure up to 2400Pa.
  • Flexible, and can be properly bent to use a wider range of applications.
  • With sunpower chip, can be used for car ,home, boat, motorcycle, etc.
  • High conversion efficiency, good output efficiency, low light effect, light weight, easy to carry, strong applicability.
  • Anti-scratch, can not afford to bubble, easy to clean.
  • Suitable for car batteries, car, RV, boat, ship, aircraft, satellites, space stations, outdoor breeding, planting, tourism, solar street lamp.

Package Include:
1x 250W 40V Sunpower Flexible Solar Panels With 1.5m Cable


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