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Online poker revolution allowed many smart people, to become financially independent, using only their wits and a computer with internet access. If we discount the world of finances (where the barriers of entry are high), becoming an online poker pro was one of the first democratic answers to the question:

How can I make money while sitting at my computer all day?”.

Believe it or not, a decade or so ago “going infinite” with 0$ bankroll by winning a few freerolls and crushing micro stakes – while still unlikely – wasn’t nearly as outrageous of an idea as it would’ve been today. Not everybody could do that of course, but ten years ago small and mid-stakes professionals were busy using online message boards to argue the efficacy of defending AK vs. 3bet OOP. Back then, a smart person didn’t really need much to go far in the poker world. Of course, we live in a very different reality now and we could reminisce about “the good all days” for a very long time. However, even though the poker landscape has changed significantly throughout the years, one thing remains constant:

If you want to play online poker you need an internet connection and a computer.

There are many articles written about poker strategy and a stable internet connection is easier than ever to come by but buying a PC is still a subject that’s largely a mystery for many poker players, personally I found the best Windows and Mac compatibility with Jasabola tables.

Why Buying a Laptop in 2018 is a Good Idea?

Have you ever heard about Moore’s law? If you didn’t, don’t worry because it’s largely obsolete now. According to Wikipedia, Moore’s Law is an:

Observation that the number of transistors in a densely integrated circuit doubles about every two years”.

For the uninitiated, it basically meant that computers were becoming a whole lot faster every two years or so and if you bought a decent machine ten, twenty or thirty years ago, you were basically forced to upgrade it every two to four years, if you wanted to stay on top of the heap.

Without going into boring technical details, there’s only so much that engineers can do to improve the incredibly sophisticated architecture of modern computer processors and the silicon used to build sair processors is slowly becoming a limiting factor. This is a huge bummer for PC enthusiasts but a relatively good news for the average computer users because their investment can potentially last them significantly longer. It also means that if you bought your last pc in the last five (maybe even six or seven years if it was a high-end machine) and you don’t feel limited by it, don’t bother upgrading it.

Why would you buy a laptop instead of a desktop PC? In the past, you could’ve made an argument that buying a PC offered you a lot more bang for the buck but PC marker is a bit of a mess right now. The immense popularity of cryptocurrency mining affected PC component prices and availability in a major way. Prices of graphics cards skyrocketed and even if you wanted to buy one, certain models can be really hard to find. While graphics cards aren’t exactly super important for a poker oriented PC build, other components were also affected and for the first time in a long while the mobile PC market seems a lot more stable than the desktop alternative.

Lastly, the desktop PC argument is largely unimportant for many poker players because they like their computers lean, mean and mobile. You can’t really take your beastly 45 lbs/20 kg desktop PC setup with three monitors on a trip to Thailand (at least not in a very cheap or practical way) and while you can’t do much about those three monitors, you can certainly fit your laptop in an overhead compartment of most planes.

HP Spectre : Spesifikasi


hp spectre

HP Spectre : Hyperbaric Cooling

Teknologi ini digunakan untuk mengeluarkan haba yang terhasil didalam laptop. 2 kipas ultra nipis di muatkan didalam HP Spectre dan juga menggunakan tembaga khas sebagai radiator. Kipas akan menarik udara sejuk diluar dan menghasilkan tekanan angin didalam laptop dan akan menarik keluar udara panas melalui radiator ini. Tiada maklumat lanjut mengenai bunyi bising yang dihasilkan tetapi dinyatakan adalah sesuai untuk keselesaan.

hp spectre

HP Spectre : Prestasi

Dilengkapi dengan 8GB memori dan dipasang terus di papan induk bermaksud ianya tidak boleh dinaik taraf begitu juga dengan storan kerasnya. Pendek kata kebanyakkan komponennya dipasang terus, dan bagi mereka yang suka menaik taraf laptop mereka mungkin HP Spectre tidak sesuai kerana HP hanya fokus membuat laptop ternipis. Paparan IPS bersaiz 13.3″ HD penuh (1920 x1080).3 port USB jenis C, dimana satu daripadanya boleh digunakan untuk mengecas bateri laptop. Port ini juga turut dilengkapi teknologi ‘Thunderbolt’, boleh disambungkan ke paparan lain serta perkakakasan ‘Thunderbolt’.

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